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The ultimate solution for big & bulky business

Shop from hundreds of suppliers on the GigaCloud Marketplace and simplify your inventory management, transactions and logistics.


Hundreds of suppliers, thousands of in-stock products

Connect with trusted suppliers and buy products instantly


1. Browse

Explore thousands of big box products from 200+ active sellers on our portal. Find tons of new items for your showroom, eCommerce store or reseller network.

2. Buy

Purchase items individually or in bulk — no minimum order quantity needed, with a variety of transaction types available. Plus, it’s free to sign up and purchase from our Marketplace — zero hidden fees.

3. Deliver

Allow our logistics team to handle the rest! We’ll ship items directly to the end consumer or your store with flat-rate pricing. There’s no need to keep inventory on hand.

How GigaCloud's Marketplace works


Transact and expand your sales network with ease

  • Source products, negotiate, transact and communicate with nearly 300 active sellers and manufacturers on the Marketplace
  • Choose from thousands of in-stock items that you can buy and add to your store right away
  • Instantly discover new wholesalers and manufacturers to help you grow your business

Experience greater profitability, flexibility and excitement for your business

  • Expand your product catalog and enhance your store with new offerings that excite customers
  • Utilize our easy and efficient all-encompassing logistics and fulfillment services
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns with speedy, route-optimized deliveries